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The Total Kitchen Cleanse is a free 7 day group coaching program!

The cleanse takes place in a closed Facebook group, where I will guide you through 7 easy steps to transform your kitchen from a dysfunctional place of temptation and willpower battles to an environment that actually empowers you to crush your clean eating goals.

You’ll receive daily video instruction, kitchen cleanse handouts, daily action step check lists, and I’ll be answering your questions in the Facebook group and cheering you on every step of the way!

The next Total Kitchen Cleanse starts July 9th, 2018, I’ve only got space for 30 people. To find out when enrollment opens so you can guarantee your seat in the next Total Kitchen Cleanse, sign up here.

During this Total Kitchen Cleanse you will:

  • Purge your kitchen and throw away all expired and rancid food
  • Say goodbye to food products you know you shouldn’t be eating
  • Declutter your kitchen and get rid of gadgets you don’t use
  • Learn which foods contain refined sugar and processed ingredients
  • Give your kitchen a facelift with some good ‘ole fashioned cleaning!
  • Restock your kitchen with the real foods you need to support your health goals
  • Organize your refrigerator and cupboards to make your kitchen a place that’s functional
  • Arrange your cookware and kitchen tools to make cooking fast and efficient
  • Become a part of a Facebook supportive community made up of your fellow cleansers
  • Receive daily video instruction and PDF guides from me
  • Receive info-packed downloads that you’ll have forever:
    • The Total Kitchen Cleanse Master Checklist
    • Refined Sugars & Processed Ingredients
    • Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
    • High Quality Foods

The 7 Day Total Kitchen Cleanse: FREE

To find out when enrollment for the next Total Kitchen Cleanse opens and secure your first come, first served seat, sign up here.

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