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If you’re ready to overhaul your diet and create healthy eating habits, this is the perfect place to start! In this one-on-one 120 minute session, I will come to your kitchen in person (available in Southern California and Seattle) or via Skype and work with you to curate a kitchen that will put your health goals on the fast track to success.

During this Total Kitchen Cleanse we will:

  • Go through every food item in your kitchen and determine what is and isn’t in line with your health goals
  • Say goodbye to food products that are holding you back
  • Discuss the foods you should be saying YES to
  • Uncover hidden sources of sugar in your kitchen
  • Organize your cupboards and countertops to streamline cooking
  • Arrange your cookware and kitchen tools so they serve your cooking needs
  • Create a shopping list of essential kitchen items you need to achieve your goals
  • And you’ll get your copy of my guide to healthy ingredient swaps!

The Total Kitchen Cleanse Session: $250

Hold yourself accountable and lay the foundation for inevitable success! Please drop me a message in the form below to inquire about dates and locations.

ellen jaworski sitting on kitchen counter