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Hi, I’m Ellen Jaworski

I’m a globetrotting certified health and life coach

on a mission to help busy people take control of their health

and live a truly extraordinary life!


I know busy.

Before becoming a certified health coach and pursuing my passion of empowering others to live extraordinary lives, I was a full-time Hollywood art director for American Idol and The Voice. While that sounds fabulous and exciting, the day-to-day reality was 12-16 hour work days on set, 7 days a week, and constant travel to unfamiliar cities, living out of a hotel room for weeks at a time.

Before I made my health a priority, that kind of non-stop, all-consuming work schedule took a tremendous toll on my body and mind. I was constantly exhausted, my body ached, I was mentally fatigued, I suffered from constant stomach aches, and was cranky with my friends and coworkers, and I was quickly gaining weight. The never-ending stress of work fueled my emotional eating compulsion, which only worsened the negative body image I’d wrestled with my entire life. I felt embarrassed and disappointed in my body and I realized I was caught in a downward spiral of misery that was only going to get worse.

I knew I had to take action. So I made the choice to prioritize myself. 

That’s when I discovered the powerful effect taking care of my body could have on both my work and my life. What started as a weight loss goal evolved into a transformative mission to live my healthiest life – body, mind, and soul – through real food nutrition, regular movement, and a whole lot of stress management. I With this new approach, I finally felt like I was back in control of my life.

This self investment I’d made quickly paid dividends in all areas of my life. Within days of adopting the Paleo Diet, my energy levels skyrocketed, my digestion become a well-oiled machine and the stomach aches disappeared, and my body felt light and tight. I’d wake up refreshed, and sleep soundly at night. Slowly but surely, I fit back into those pants I’d given up on and tucked away in a dark corner of my closet.

It was also at this time I discovered the power of coaching. Though my body was healing, I knew I needed extra guidance and support if I really wanted to be my best self, to heal my emotional eating compulsion and learn how to love myself. After three months of working with a coach, I felt like a weight I’d been carrying my entire life had been lifted off my chest. I now had the awareness around my emotional eating triggers and the right coping strategies to feel like I was in control. And for the first time, my critical inner voice had quieted, finally making space for self love to grow. Through the power of coaching, I’ve experienced incredible, life-changing healing and that’s why I’m here today.

Don’t settle for average. LIVE EXTRAORDINARY.

You don’t have to settle for your unwanted weight or emotional eating. You don’t have to live with the mid-morning crash, the brain fog, the exhaustion, the stress eating binges, and the bogus health fads that don’t work. There’s a better way.

That’s where coaches like me come in. I’m here to provide the right system, support and accountability so you can finally feel confident in your body, be your best self, and live everyday like it’s extraordinary.

I’ve become a health coach to give busy professionals who want to take control of their health, but don’t feel like they don’t have the time or energy to do it on their own, an easy way to create new healthy habits to effortlessly to support and enhance their busy life. No more wasted time or failed diets. Just me as your guide, leading you exactly where you need to go to create new, healthier normal in your nutrition, movement, and mindset that becomes automatic, giving you the energy, stamina, confidence, and balance you need to live your best life.

My coaching practice is completely remote enabling me to work with professionals all over the world. Coaching sessions are held over the phone or via Skype, eliminating the time-consuming commute to an office, and making it even easier to fit health coaching into your busy schedule.

If taking control of your health without the hassle and living a life that’s truly extraordinary is something that interests you, I invite you to click here to schedule a time to talk with me.

Here’s to an extraordinary life!

Ellen Jaworski


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Special thanks to photographer, JennKL, wardrobe stylist, Subliminal Style, and hair and makeup artist, Calibella Organic Make-up Boutique & Skin Studio, for their top notch work seen in the photos on Triple Peak Paleo.