Ellen’s Note: I’m beyond excited to welcome my friends, Michelle and Makenna, the talented mother/daughter duo behind Back Porch Paleo, to the blog! In addition to being two incredibly bright, bubbly, and kind-hearted individuals whom I deeply admire and respect, these women are masters when it comes to creating drool-worthy, Paleo-friendly comfort food recipes. Be it muffins, tortillas, donut holes, or empanadas, their recipes are so incredible, I swear you’d never suspect they were gluten-free and dairy-free unless you didn’t already know!

I was so flattered when Michelle and Makenna proposed the idea of a recipe inspired by my travels. They have outdone themselves with these Green Chile Chicken savory mini muffins! I made a batch this weekend and let me tell you, they are everything the Paleo traveler could ever want! Not only are they bite-sized, making them super convenient when you’re on the go (no need for utensils and no mess!), but they’re packed with both chicken and bone broth protein to fuel you with steady energy wherever your travels take you. And of course, the green chile flavor is perfect: not overpowering, but present enough that you’ll taste the slightest tingle of heat. I’ll be making batch every time I leave for a camping trip! I know you’re going to love them!

If you haven’t already, please check out the amazing collection of paleo recipes from Michelle and Makenna at BackPorchPaleo.com and follow them on Instagram for daily food inspiration. If you like these savory Green Chile Chicken muffins, you’ll love their eCookbook, Paleo Olé, which contains 40 delicious, paleo-friendly Mexican food recipes! I could keep gushing about how much I love these two ladies, but I’ll let you get to the recipe…

Michelle and Makenna, take it away!

paleo green chili chicken mini snack muffins

First off, we’re super honored and excited to have a feature recipe here with Ellen on her great site. We met her a year ago at PaleoFX and we became fast friends. As she travels her way through the country, she occasionally finds her way to our neck of the woods here in Utah and we always make time for lunch, hikes, dinners, and always lots of visiting… what could be more fun! We love her tons and are thrilled to call her our friend.

makenna and michelle of back porch paleo with ellen jaworski of triple peak paleo
Makenna and Michelle of Back Porch Paleo with Ellen at PaleoFX 2018

When we were thinking of what kind of recipe to share with Ellen’s tribe here on Triple Peak Paleo, we knew it had to be something portable and loaded with goodness! Enter the savory muffin!

Back in the day (pre-Paleo) when Makenna played club volleyball and we’d travel all over the western states attending tournaments, we’d make up dozens of savory mini muffins for her and her teammates to enjoy in between games on those long days of playing team after team. They were a little bite of something to keep their energy levels up and bodies fueled. So, we thought these would be a perfect fit for Ellen and gave that recipe a paleo makeover. This flavor combo is a family favorite – green chili chicken – and the taste is reminiscent of a chicken tamale… without the grain, of course!

Make up a bunch, let them cool, freeze them, and you’re set for a grab and go snack! Perfect for a day hike, a trip to the beach, out four wheeling, skiing… the list goes on and on. We hope you love them and find ways to enjoy them no matter the adventure. We think they’ll keep your body fueled and your taste buds happy.

~ Michelle & Makenna ~ the mother/daughter duo from @backporchpaleo
paleo green chili chicken mini snack muffins next to a water bottle and trail snacks

Guest Recipe: Green Chile Chicken Mini Snack Muffins

Prep Time 18 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 24 mini muffins



  1. Preheat oven to 400°. Line a mini muffin pan with mini baking cups.

  2. In a medium bowl, combine cassava flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cumin, and bone broth protein (if using). Whisk until all incorporated.

  3. In a separate bowl add ghee, egg, and coconut milk. Whisk to combine.

  4. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients, then toss in diced chicken, green chiles, and cilantro. Using a spatula, stir together until everything is well combined.

  5. Spoon into lined muffin tin, mounding to fill above rim. Sprinkle with chipotle chile flakes a little sprinkle of kosher salt and additional cilantro if using.

  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes until center of muffin springs back. Let cool for about 3 minutes in tin and then remove to cooling rack. Best store in refrigerator until ready to take out on your adventure for the day.

Recipe Notes

For 12 large muffins, simply adjust baking time to 22-24 minutes.

Did you make these mini muffins?! We'd love to see! Tag @triplepeakpaleo and @backporchpaleo when you post on social media!

paleo green chili chicken mini snack muffins next to a water bottle


Michelle and Makenna of Back Porch Paleo

Michelle & Makenna ~~ the mother/daughter duo from @backporchpaleo

Website: www.backporchpaleo.com

Instagram: @backporchpaleo

Paleo Olé eCookbook


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Guest Post: Green Chile Chicken Mini Snack Muffins
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