Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s ambitious new book, Paleo Principles, is the ultimate resource for all things Paleo!

Paleo Principles Book beside Shrimp Salad on a plate

Whether you’ve been paleo for years or you’re just starting your paleo journey, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s new book, Paleo Principles, is the must-have, all-in-one resource that the Paleo movement has been waiting for!

What Dr. Ballantyne has achieved in this 672 page volume is nothing short of amazing:

  • A comprehensive guide to the Paleo Diet including not just what to eat and what not to eat, but the scientific reasoning why
  • A thorough explanation of the Paleo lifestyle factors and their importance to our health and well-being (sleep, stress management, exercise and movement, nature, and social connection)
  • Tons of scientific research that gives validity to the Paleo movement
  • A blueprint for adapting the Paleo template to a bio-individual approach
  • Over 225 delicious paleo recipes (one of which is featured in this article!)
  • 20 meals plans (for specific goals like weight loss, AIP, Nightshade-Free, Family-friendly)
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Beautiful visuals including infographics, charts, tables, and lists

Not only is this epic tome is jam-packed with easy to read, science-based information about every facet of Paleo, but it’s full of actionable steps that both novices and experts alike can implement in their everyday lives to take their health to the next level.



So many beginners think Paleo is simply a diet, but the fact is, that’s only one piece of the health puzzle! What I love about Paleo Principles is that it provides an extremely well-rounded explanation of both the diet and the lifestyle. When you’re starting out, it’s natural to have questions about every little rule or recommendation… How much sleep should I get? How much fermented food should I eat? Why is stress bad? This book takes the guesswork out of paleo by not only providing comprehensive information about each topic, but tons of scientific backed recommendations to hit the easy button on paleo.

Paleo Principles is also perfectly formatted to take a Paleo newbie from education to implementation! The first couple chapters provide a solid foundation of information and from there, moves into “Putting Paleo into Practice” with an incremental transition guide (for those who want to ease into Paleo), a chapter on kitchen basics, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and hundreds of mouth watering recipes spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and of course, dessert!


While this book is a great jumping off point for beginners, like a Disney Pixar movie, it also has a lot of value to offer to more seasoned Paleo experts. Paleo Principles is packed with scientific evidence that lends validity to every facet of Paleo. No dogma here – just cold hard science.

Not only does this book cover the basics, but it goes super in depth on more complex topics such as specific nutrient density breakdowns of seafood, vegetables, nuts and seeds, meats, etc, it gives a comprehensive overview of how stress contributes to disease, and guides for taking the Paleo template and creating a bio-individual approach to help achieve specific goals.


An excerpt from Paleo Principles Illustrating Food Reactions
Image Courtesy of the Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, author of Paleo Principles

Don’t let the word “science” scare you. Yes, Paleo Principles is jam-packed with science, but Dr. Ballantyne has managed deliver this material in a way that’s extremely accessible to the majority of us who aren’t scientists. One brilliant tactic she uses is to scatter text boxes throughout the book, titled “Science Simplified,” “Health Quick-Start,” and “Knowledge Bomb.” These inserts contain straightforward, to-the-point summaries, fun facts, or recommendations relating to the topic being presented so if you’re not following 100% or your attention span is dwindling, these supplements will keep it simple and tell you exactly what you need to know!


I’m a huge fan of the illustrations used in this book. Not only are they colorful and aesthetically pleasing, but they make Paleo Principles fun and interesting to read. One of my favorite sections is “A Tour of Paleo Herbs and Spices,” which provides a beautiful picture and description of every herb and spice in the Paleo diet. Before this stunning infographic, I didn’t know what a number of these foods looked like in their whole form! The pictures, illustrations, charts, and tables throughout keep the information exciting and engaging, providing one more excellent learning mechanism for readers.


In addition to the incredibly comprehensive scientific discussions contained within these pages, there are also 225+ incredible recipes to take your Paleo menu to the next level! There are recipes for every type of meal including breakfasts, soups, strews, and salads, main dishes, side dishes, breads muffins, and snack foods, and desserts. I’m confident that you could exclusively cook these recipes for a year and still not get bored.

Each recipes features a mouth-watering photo and every applicable allergy label you could think of, making it incredibly easy to navigate for those with specific foods allergies or following certain protocols. For example, I’m currently following the Autoimmune Protocol and 115 of these recipes are very clearly marked with an AIP symbol, so I don’t have to waste time or energy trying to decipher what’s safe for me to eat!

Most importantly, the recipes in Paleo Principles are nothing short of delicious and you get the chance to test that out for yourself! I’m so excited to share Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s Shrimp Salad recipe with you because this dish is out of this world – and super easy to make! This shrimp salad is packed with deliciously bright citrus flavors, making it an incredibly refreshing, energizing meal, perfect for lunch or a picnic!

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  • Servings: 2-3
  • Print

Recipe Author: Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, author of Paleo Principles
Paleo/ Egg Free/ Nut Free/ Coconut Free/ Nightshade Free/ Dairy Free/ AIP


– 1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Cilantro
– 3 tablespoons lime juice (about 2 limes)
– 3 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 tablespoons fish sauce
– 1 pound precooked shrimp
– 1/2 large fennel bulb, sliced extremely thin, about 3 cups
– 1 medium mango, peeled and diced
– 1/2 cup very finely sliced red onion
– 1 large avocado, peeled and diced


1. To make the dressing, stir together the cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and fish sauce in a bowl or measuring cup. Set aside.
2. Toss the shrimp, fennel, mango, and onion in a bowl. Drizzle the dressing over the shrimp salad and toss to coat completely.
3. Add the diced avocado and gently toss to incorporate. If you’re making this salad ahead of time, keep the avocado separate until just before serving.


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Paleo Principles book beside a plate of shrimp salad






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