“I’ve lost over 10lbs, have much more energy, am more in tune with my body…”

“Before working with Ellen, I felt like I had no control of my body because of my work schedule. I couldn’t get into any sort of routine because I was always on the road. I felt unhealthy, unmotivated, and lacked a lot of self-love. I didn’t really know what to expect from health coaching, but I was ready to take control of my health, so I dove in with an open mind!

At first, the process of transforming my health seemed overwhelming. But Ellen quickly makes you realize that it’s about progress, not perfection, curiosity, over judgement! She teaches new concepts step by step, which become part of your weekly goals, and before you know it, you’re crushing your goals every week and feeling so empowered. You have to do the work, though. It’s challenging and time consuming, but learning how to prioritize my health is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned throughout the coaching process.

I am very happy with my results! I’ve lost over 10lbs, have much more energy, am more in tune with my body, and have a much greater awareness around the food I put in my body. I’ve built a routine that stands up to my busy, ever-changing schedule. I have learned to give myself more self-love. I am more confident, more positive, and more motivated than ever to keep going toward the healthiest me possible! Ellen surpassed all of my expectations as a coach. She instantly becomes a close friend you can trust. She is relatable, knowledgeable about every aspect of health and has facts to prove it. She challenges you physically and mentally, and her positive attitude throughout the process makes it so enjoyable.”
– Delphine Z.


“My pain levels have significantly decreased and my mobility has increased…”

I had never struggled with health and diet until few years ago when I hit some roadblocks that severely threw me off my routine of gym time and healthy diet. I was in a place where I no longer enjoyed food, in fact, simply talking about food irritated me. I had also put myself on the back burner when it came to getting in any physical activity. To complicate things even further, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that had me at a high level of chronic pain. I knew I had to do something about my situation.

Contacting Ellen is a decision I will never regret. Through our work together I was able to rehabilitate my relationship with food. It took several sessions but to my surprise it happened. I overcame my…. one could say “great distaste” for grocery shopping (as it can be overwhelming). I’ve gained new skills that have helped me reconnect with the feeling of good healthy food nourishing my body. And incorporating light activity back into my hectic schedule has been amazing. As a result of these lifestyle changes, I’ve lost 8 lbs, which is an added bonus because I was not expecting to lose weight.

This brings me to my autoimmune disease. I receive a medication injection every two weeks. Though the injection is supposed to relieve symptoms for a full two weeks, mine was only lasting a week to week and a half before I was in pain again. In the middle of my time with Ellen I noticed my medication was beginning to last the full two weeks! My pain levels have significantly decreased and my mobility has increased. I strongly believe that making these changes in my diet and lifestyle has helped my body process/metabolize the medication better, and I feel much better because of it!

– Alex B.


“It only took 3 sessions to pinpoint where my sense of health and wholeness was lacking…”

“Working out routinely and eating a balanced diet were common to me, so I qualified myself as a healthy individual. Despite identifying as such, I never really felt like I was living at my full potential. It only took 3 sessions to pinpoint where my sense of health and wholeness was lacking. That quick understanding can be attributed to Ellen’s coachingapproach. She’s fully equipped and knowledgeable of the holistic work in progress and prepared to break it down into tangible, digestible steps. Working on yourself can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. Ellen’s conversational and warm communication paired with the processes she implements into her coaching eliminate those words from the experience entirely. She doesn’t just help you form goals, but works with you to pave a path leading to them. As trivial as it may sound, one of my initial goals was to be able to wear a pair of jean shorts in public. Since working with Ellen (7 weeks), I’ve instagrammed 3 pictures of myself in said shorts. THREE. In short, exercise and a balanced diet have always been a part of my life. But, when Ellen helped me tune up my perspective and approach to health, things started to fall into place.”
– Sara V.


“I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and I’m more active than I’ve been in years!”

In my time working with Ellen, I’ve developed great new habits and learned ways to better honor my body’s cues. Ellen understands what it is to be constantly on the go, and is able to use that, and her knowledge of nutrition, to help others create space for their best and healthiest selves. I’ve identified what forms of protein fuel me best, (and learned about some new ones!) and as someone with a dairy sensitivity, learned some ways to eliminate dairy from my diet without feeling like I’m missing out. As Ellen says – focusing on what you DO get to eat, instead of what you’re choosing not to, makes it so much more fun. I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and I’m more active than I’ve been in years!
– Marilla H.


“I’ve gained an awareness about what foods work best for me and the results have been life changing…”

“Working with Ellen has changed my life, in big ways, but also in ways that I didn’t realize until a month after we’d finished our sessions. The main thing that I have learned is to put myself first. By taking care of my basic needs: sleeping enough and eating well, I am a much more well-adjusted and sane person. I am much more able to work through all of the crazy shit that life throws my way.

After only 2 sessions with Ellen I lost 4 lbs, identified a sensitivity to dairy, and noticed a substantial increase in energy! She has helped me navigate my relationship with food. I have learned how to identify my triggers and have been given the tools to work through them. Ellen takes the time to fully explain new information in a way that’s easy to understand. I’ve gained an awareness about what foods work best for me and the results have been life changing!

I’ve learned better and cleaner eating habits and how to listen to my body. I’ve learned that it is important to prioritize my diet and to take the time to create whole meals. I was someone who used to constantly wait until I was starving and then eat too much of the first thing in front of me to compensate. Now, I anticipate my hunger and plan accordingly. I now eat a healthy breakfast every day. I always have snacks in my purse, car, etc. just in case I’m unable to plan ahead or I end up starving.

Most importantly, I now have the belief that I will reach my big goals. I can do it. Working with Ellen helped me gain the confidence to get there, to a place where I know that over time I will achieve that healthy lifestyle that I want to lead.

To anyone considering health coaching with Ellen, know that Ellen really takes the time to see her clients individual differences. This is not a one size fits all program. Ellen focuses on her client’s needs and takes their cues to create a health program that will most benefit them.
– Cara D.