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Whether you follow me on Instagram or have stumbled across this blog by chance, thanks for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate it. 

For the past year and a half, I’ve shared my enthusiasm for paleo nutrition, health, and wellness on Instagram, and now I’m incredibly excited to expand my platform so that I can share more with you:

  • more paleo recipes
  • more movement ideas
  • more mindset inspiration
  • more healthy travel tips
  • and ways to put all of these in to action!

I’ve spent 4 eye opening years educating myself by transforming my own health and wellness, which has sparked a passion for healthy living through nutrition, fitness, and mindset that I’m now ready to openly share with you through this blog.

So thanks for joining me on this journey of healthy living! I hope to not only inspire you to be the healthiest version of you, but give you the tools to do it!


Ellen Jaworski


Ellen Jaworski is a certified health coach and life coach helping professional women who are overstressed and exhausted to prioritize themselves and their health by creating an energy-enhancing diet and self care practice that works with their busy schedule so they can operate at their full potential and find joy in their work and life. She also loves to travel, camp and hike, cook delicious Paleo food, and Crossfit!

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